BeScouted is a self-funded start-up aiming to be a space for a freelance community of photographers, models, make-up artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, retouchers etc. It will provide convenient tools for finding each other, communicating, initiating, completing and sharing common Creative Projects.

We are developing a system that will maximise exposure of the most inspiring work, and that will help industry professionals to be hired more frequently, that will provide an excellent learning space for beginners and will help new talents from all over the world to be discovered.

We believe that the freelance community deserves the chance to work in a reliable and safe environment, thus we will be providing a sophisticated rating system for better decision making when choosing project members for your Creative Projects.

We are also creating a tool that will help to manage Creative Projects seamlessly from scouting of members to publishing of your creative work in a reliable and time efficient way while minimising unnecessary steps and maximizing the effectiveness of your actions.

Should you have any further questions or cooperation propositions feel free to contact us at contact@bescouted.com or +37067611775.